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define [dextrose sample]

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With the define[dextrose] you will get 1 full serving of dextrose. 

define[dextroseis the very definition of what a peri-workout (before, during and after a workout) carbohydrate supplement should be.

define[dextroseis comprised solely of d-glucose, the simplest form of carbohydrates. This makes it the most effective product to replenish the glycogen that you lose during training. define[dextrose] is also extremely effective at spiking insulin, that is important when helping transport nutrients like protein or amino acids throughout the body to places like muscle cells. define[dextrose] can be used before, during, and/or after your workout, and is unflavored to mix well with things like pre-workout, amino acids, or protein. define[dextrose] is important when building muscle, burning fat and/or increasing performance, and the servings and serving sizes can be manipulated to better fit your goals. These qualities make define[dextrose] the most ideal supplement to take peri-workout.

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