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define [hydrate sample]

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With the define[hydrate sample] you will get 1 serving of our hydration product. 

define[hydrate] is the very definition of what a hydration supplement should be.

It has clinical doses of all essential electrolytes as well as the same ratios as what’s found in a Lactated Ringer IV bag. This means it will prevent the effects of dehydration (mainly mental and physical fatigue) by balancing the amount of water in your body, as well as improving the function of muscle and nerve cells. Electrolytes can be found naturally in a well-rounded diet, but using a product like define[hydrate] will be the best way to fill gaps in your electrolyte intake and/or maximize your hydration.

These qualities make define[hydratethe most ideal product to use during sweaty training sessions, hangovers, or any time throughout the day to hydrate.

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