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define [whey sample]

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With the define[whey sample] you will get 1 full serving of our whey protein. 

define[whey] is the very definition of what an economic 100% whey protein supplement should be.

define[whey] is Cold-Temperature Processed and Naturally Filtered when produced. This makes it as bio-available and as nutritious as possible because it’s never overheated or over processed. In addition to being Cold-Temperature Processed and Naturally filtered, define[whey] uses WPC80 for its Whey Protein Concentrate source. WPC80 means that the Whey Protein Concentrate has to have 80% of the lactose and fat removed from it. This is the highest quality of Whey Protein Concentrate available.

The combination of its Cold-Temperature Processing, Natural Filtration, and Whey Protein Concentrate being WPC80 allows define[wheyto reach its full potential in anabolic nutrition while maintaining the most economical price tag possible. By taking define[whey you can reach your full potential as well.

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