Applications to become a define[ambassador] are CLOSED at this time. 

Thank you to everyone who has applied. We are reviewing applications and will be posting updates on Social Media soon!

**Please follow our instagram @define_nutrition to stay up to date on ambassador application openings.**

As a Brand Ambassador, you are the living embodiment of Our Mission. 

 “Here at Define Nutrition, we believe that doing something the right way shouldn’t be complicated. We created this brand to be the exact definition of what supplements should be in the first place. Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, just science-backed ingredients at proven doses to actually help our customers fulfill their potential.”

That means that “hard work” is just engrained into who you are. You have a genuine love for helping people improve any and all aspects of their lives. And you aren’t looking for the easy way out. 

We understand that we are a very young, still growing company, BUT we want to give you the opportunity to join now and help us take over the world. If this sounds like you, then this is going to work out. 


  • Discounts on everything we carry online
  • Discount code for friends and family
  • Earn a percentage of every sale using your discount code
  • Opportunities to earn swag and products
  • Regular check-ins to help you build your personal brand
  • The chance to try new products before they’re released  

Now, what we would need from you… 


  • Actually use our products
  • We need to see at least one (1) Social Media post relating to DN every month
  • You cannot represent another brand if we have competing products
  • You will need to have or be able to setup a Paypal Account for your monthly payout.