The Team

Kevin Wilhite


I grew up in Saint Louis and got my start in the industry working for a supplement store in Springfield, MO while I was in college. Almost overnight I dropped everything to pursue a career in supplements. My grandfather was a businessman, and I grew up wanting to be a lot like him and start my own business. Almost as soon as I started working at this store I realized how much of an opportunity there was. It was in the fitness industry (one I really enjoyed), and there was a lot of room for improvement, not necessarily at this store, but in the industry as a whole. This was my opportunity to start my own business. Roughly a year later I moved to Oklahoma to bring the city of OKC the supplement store I felt the people deserved. Quickly we realized that there was a shortage of good brands and good products out there, and definitely not one that was exactly what we wanted to recommend. So, several months after we opened the first store, define[nutrition] was born.


Alyssa Wilhite


I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and then went to college in Springfield. That’s where I met Kevin. I graduated with a degree in Social Work the same day Kevin got approved for his business loan to start up TRIAD and Define in OKC. The timing was perfect, so I moved to OKC with him. I’ve always been active in sports, but throughout our relationship, I became more active in the gym and in supplements. A couple of years in, business was great and Kevin asked if I wanted to come on full-time as the administrator/behind-the-scenes person. It’s been super fun working alongside Kevin and the rest of the team and working on growing the brand into something really cool. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Ryan Brantley

Head of Marketing/Social Media

I grew up in the south OKC area going to school at Westmoore and spending some time at OCCC but eventually dropping out for a full-time job. Growing up I was always the larger kid yet still super active. After high school, spending a lot of time to myself, and playing video games, I finally decided to change and started going to the gym. From there I had fallen in love with a power-building style of training and lost over 100 pounds at one point. Around the time of the coronavirus breakout, my life started to turn around. I met my fiancé whom I get to marry this October, a bit before the breakout, I started riding my bike, which I now race competitively traveling around the region to race it when I can, and I got the opportunity to work for define nutrition. I’m stoked about what we’re all doing here and can’t wait to see what is in our future.


Preston Lynn

Head of Formulations

I grew up in Norman, Oklahoma playing every sport under the sun from soccer to competitive paintball to pole vaulting. Through sports, I learned that hard work and dedication trump everything else in terms of results. In high school, I found powerlifting, which I quickly fell in love with and have continued to compete in since. Around the same time, I started to learn more about nutritional supplements and the potential impact they could have on my training. I quickly became passionate about learning as much as I could about individual ingredients as well as how they could work together to form full formulas. From then my goal became to formulate the best products possible. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to continue that dream of mine with Define Nutrition as my main role within the company is to formulate the products!

Ian Hickman

Wholesale Account Manager

I was born in Georgia but was raised in Oklahoma. I attended Oklahoma State where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. Throughout my career, I’ve always been in the health and fitness industry whether it was managing gyms, personal training, or being a supplement consultant on the retail side. After being out of the supplement industry I discovered Triad/Define. They were taking a completely different approach where they were putting customers and quality first which reignited my passion for the supplement industry and made me want to be a part of something more than just supplements. A community that’s built on helping others achieve their goals and providing the utmost quality to local and small businesses without cutting corners on quality.


Kaelynn Kitterle

Nutrition Coach

Growing up in a small town in western Oklahoma I appreciated being active outdoors and discovering new ways I could entertain myself. I ended up playing sports like soccer when I was young and then throughout junior high and high school I added volleyball and tennis. The feeling of being competitive was one I was always familiar with. After growing up with my grandparents and mostly being in the care of my grandma who was very health-conscious I started focusing more on my own nutrition and physical appearance. The brain is very malleable; I had an overbearing amount of contradicting information along with predispositions that led me to struggle with disordered eating at age 15. I graduated high school and moved to OKC in 2018, found a love for CrossFit, and training for performance instead of aesthetics. Years later I am happy to say that I am on the other side and that I fed myself the information that allows me to better myself. I have a passion to make a healthy lifestyle more sustainable and teach others how to satisfy the body and the mind. In 2020 I was offered a job at Define Nutrition that allowed me to fulfill that passion to serve others!

Will Cossey

Training Coach

My name is Will Cossey, I’m 22 years old.  I am and have been a Personal Trainer for over 3 years now. I am a bodybuilder/occasional, or I guess you could say retired, rugby player. I joined the D[n] ambassador team back in 2020. In the past year, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with this incredible team.


Christian Ballard

I grew up in a small town in West Texas called Alpine which is about an hour from the border and that town will forever hold a special place in my heart, but now I live in Blanchard, OK. I played college baseball at Mid-America Christian University as a pitcher and being a former college athlete I have always found an interest and passion for training and supplementation, as well as helping others on their journey in the fitness world. I never quite knew what I wanted to do after college but Define has given me the chance to grow and expand my skills and I am extremely excited for the future.  One of my favorite things about working for Define is the opportunity to help others and give people the best possible supplements for their goals. I love the team here and the community that supports us as well.  


Alexander Hurst

I started my fitness journey in 2012, overweight and under-confident. I wanted to make a change because I was tired of not appreciating what I saw in the mirror, a little over 50 pounds later and my life was changed forever. In the journey, I’ve discovered my biggest passions - health and fitness. I knew I wanted to help people get on their journey and start it the right way, no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no magic tricks. Having spent a few years as a personal trainer, I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger. That’s why I came to TRIAD and Define Nutrition and I’ve been truly gifted with such an incredible opportunity to be a part of this team and help people achieve their health and fitness goals.