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define[sleep] is the very definition of what nighttime support should be. It has efficacious doses of the right ingredients to increase quality of sleep in order to boost metabolism and improve overnight recovery. During the day, your body builds up cortisol, which is a stress hormone that increases midsection fat and slows down the repair of muscle tissue.

define[sleep] is designed to assist your body to bring cortisol back down to an optimal level during sleep.  These qualities make the define[sleep] the most ideal supplement to take at night to burn fat and recover from training.  



✔️ Enhances R.E.M. Cycle Sleep

✔️ Increases Overnight Recovery

✔️ Boosts Overnight Digestion

✔️ Naturally Increases Anabolic Hormones During Sleep 


Why a Sleep Aid?

One of the most important aspects of training and fat loss is getting a good quality sleep. When you sleep your body is able to increase hormones that have a positive effect on your training and fat loss and decrease ones, like cortisol, that have a negative effect on your training and fat loss when they reach too high of levels. This increase in good hormones and decrease in overabundant bad ones can truly make or break your results. A good sleep aid should help your body with this increase and decrease in hormones by both improving the quality of sleep you get, and giving it the right raw ingredients in needs to produce the positive hormones. In turn helping your body recover and naturally reset your body’s hormones. Take a sleep aid 30-45 minutes with 12 oz of water before bed for best results.