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Define Nutrition

coach[Mathis] stack

coach[Mathis] stack

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define[coach], Chad Mathis has assembled his favorite products for you to stack and save.

define [isolate] Peanut Butter Puffs and define [pump] Orange Sherbet is his go-to combo.

Normally $109, Save $14 when you buy them together through his [coach] stack


define[isolate] is the very definition of what a whey protein isolate should be.

define[isolate] is a whey protein isolate, meaning all of the fat and lactose have been removed making it a faster digesting protein. Faster digestion means quicker amino acid delivery to the muscle cells, which means faster overall recovery, making an isolate perfect to be taken post-workout.

On top of that, define[isolate] is 100% hydrolyzed. This means the protein molecule itself is broken down into whey peptide fractions, which is even faster and easier to digest than regular whey protein isolate. Define[isolate] is also Cold-Temperature Processed and Cross-Flow Microfiltered when manufactured. This low-heat, microfiltration process ensures that the protein is as bio-available as possible and not aggregated and denatured by extreme heat. We do this because when protein is denatured, it becomes unusable by the body.

Lastly, define[isolate] also has a full 25g of protein per serving, which gives it enough amino acids to activate muscle protein synthesis (recovery). This combination of Cold-Temperature Processing, Microfiltration, 100% Hydrolyzation, and a full 25g of protein per serving makes define[isolate] the most ideal supplement to take for post-workout recovery.


define[pump] is the very definition of what a muscle cell volumizer should be. It has efficacious doses of the right ingredients to aid in getting muscular pumps in the gym, hydrating your muscle cells, and increasing performance.

"Pump" is naturally occurring during resistance training when blood and other fluids are pushed to muscle cells, expanding them. Using ingredients to increase a pump can be a very beneficial way to increase hypertrophy and grow muscle size. define[pump] increases pump by providing L-Citrulline and Nitrosigine which increase nitric oxide production, allowing for greater vasodilation and bloodflow; Vasodrive-AP which inhibits vasoconstriction; and Glycersize, Betaine, and Sodium which increase intra-cellular hydration (pulling fluid to muscle cells). define[pump] uses above efficacious doses of all these ingredients at one scoop and the most effective doses at two scoops. These qualities make define[pump] the most ideal supplement to take before a workout for a pump.

How to use



  • 1 scoop define[isolate]
  • 1 scoop define[glucose+]
  • mixed with 8oz cold water

*define[isolate] can be used in a number of ways outside of the directions listed above.


Light dose:

  • 1 scoop 15-30 minutes before workout

Strong dose:

  • 2 scoops 15-30 minutes before workout 
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