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Define Nutrition

define[summer stack]

define[summer stack]

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define[isolate] is the very definition of what a whey protein isolate should be.

define[isolate] is a whey protein isolate, meaning all of the fat and lactose have been removed making it a faster digesting protein. Faster digestion means quicker amino acid delivery to the muscle cells, which means faster overall recovery, making an isolate perfect to be taken post-workout.

On top of that, define[isolate] is 100% hydrolyzed. This means the protein molecule itself is broken down into whey peptide fractions, which is even faster and easier to digest than regular whey protein isolate. Define[isolate] is also Cold-Temperature Processed and Cross-Flow Microfiltered when manufactured. This low-heat, microfiltration process ensures that the protein is as bio-available as possible and not aggregated and denatured by extreme heat. We do this because when protein is denatured, it becomes unusable by the body.

Lastly, define[isolate] also has a full 25g of protein per serving, which gives it enough amino acids to activate muscle protein synthesis (recovery). This combination of Cold-Temperature Processing, Microfiltration, 100% Hydrolyzation, and a full 25g of protein per serving makes define[isolate] the most ideal supplement to take for post-workout recovery. 

define[hydrate sticks] 

define[hydrate sticks] is the very definition of what a hydration supplement should be.

It has clinical doses of all essential electrolytes as well as the same ratios as what’s found in a Lactated Ringer IV bag. This means it will prevent the effects of dehydration (mainly mental and physical fatigue) by balancing the amount of water in your body, as well as improving the function of muscle and nerve cells. Electrolytes can be found naturally in a well-rounded diet, but using a product like define[hydrate sticks] will be the best way to fill gaps in your electrolyte intake and/or maximize your hydration.

These qualities make define[hydrate sticksthe most ideal product to use during sweaty training sessions, hangovers, or any time throughout the day to hydrate.


Why 100% Whey Protein?

100% Whey protein is the most beneficial protein to supplement in your diet. It has an abundant amount of essential amino acids (the amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own), which means it is able to effectively activate an anabolic (muscle-building) state in your body. Proteins that don’t have as many of these essential amino acids, don’t do as good of a job activating the anabolic state, and some proteins, like those found in plants, don’t have enough essential amino acids to activate the anabolic state at all. Whey protein comes in two forms, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. Whey Protein Isolate must have at least 90% of the lactose and fat removed, whereas Whey Protein Concentrate only has to have 55-80% of the lactose and fat removed. The more the lactose and fat are removed, the purer and better quality the whey protein is. You can use whey protein as a supplement in your diet to help stimulate muscle growth and ensure that you get in enough essential amino acids throughout the day.

Why use a hydration supplement?

A hydration supplement is used by a wide range of people including athletes, college students or late-night partiers, and even everyday people who may work in extreme heat or outdoors. Water alone is very important, but may not always be enough. A well-dosed hydration product will have added electrolytes that your body needs to regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rebuild damaged tissue. 

Supplement Facts 

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define[isolate] Strawberry Kiwi

define[isolate] Mango

define[hydrate] stickpack Salted Watermelon

define[hydrate] box Salted Watermelon

define[hydrate] stickpack Citrus Medley

define[hydrate] box Citrus Medley

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